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You won’t even need to get out of your chair to check out these ideas. Let’s hope one of these approaches works-

Restart the devices

The first thing you need to do restarts your device, which may seem overly simple. It won’t always work, but it will give the operating system an opportunity to clean things out and try again if it’s frozen, doesn’t recognize the network, or is simply being obstinate.

Check for the internet disruption

It’s possible that you’re not alone in having trouble with your internet. Call us to check if anyone else in your area is experiencing internet outages or connectivity problems with our connection. You can also check the website Down Detector for information about internet outages.

Paying Your Internet Bill

Your Internet might stop working if you forgot to pay your bill, this may seem a little too obvious, but it happens! To restore Internet connection, call us or go online to make a monthly payment. You can give advance payment to relieve from the monthly payment, hassle,  so you don’t have to worry next time.

Try a different Ethernet cable

Replace the Ethernet cable and plugged into the media converter (ONU)  and router with a spare to see if it makes a difference. Cables may not last indefinitely, and your existing Ethernet cable may need to be changed.

Find out who’s using your Wi-Fi

It’s possible that someone on your Wi-Fi network is consuming bandwidth or causing other connectivity issues.

Log into your router’s interface (use your phone or PC connected with Wi-Fi) and look for a list titled “DHCP clients,” “connected devices,” or “attached devices” to see who’s on your network. The names of the devices that are being used are usually mentioned in the list.

Ascertain your IP address is operational

It’s possible that your computer is experiencing difficulty setting up a legitimate IP address. Your computer requires a unique IP to connect to the internet, but you won’t be able to do so if many devices share the same IP or if your computer is unable to assign one. It’s not a typical problem, but it might occur—especially if you have multiple routers on your home network.

Seeing the red light on the media converter device (ONU) then you have to understand-

  • The yellow cable (patch cord) of the ONU device is not plugged in tightly/ unplugged.
  • Secondly, optical fiber is cut off somewhere outside.
  • Maintenance in the process.
  • The connection point is down of the whole area

Seeing the red light on the Wi-Fi router-

  • LAN light on the ONU device is not showing.
  • Ethernet cable from ONU to Wi-Fi router is not plugged in properly
  • No internet connection from the provider’s end.

Not getting the connection? There are a few easy steps-

  1. Check your AC current supply to the devices.
  2. Check all the devices are getting the power supply constantly.
  3. Check the power adapter of the devices if the adapter seems faulty, then interchange the adapter between router and media converter device (ONU).
  4. Check all cables are connected to the ports and tightly plugged –in.

There are some ways to fix the internet connection with our co-operation

    • Firstly, restart your devices
    • Unplug the cables gently from the ports of the devices and plug-in tightly again all the cables into the port again.
    • Reboot the Wi-Fi router from the router user interface or call us to reboot
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